Recharge Using An App

One common dilemma that subscribers facetoday is-whether to recharge one’s prepaid mobile and DTH connections using an App or a browser. The first thought that comes to the mind is to use the App since it is downloaded onto one’s mobile handset whereas for using a browser you would require a personal computer or laptop. You can also use the browser on your smart phone too but opening and using a browser, irrespective of the type of device, is way bit cumbersome when compared to using the App. Open the browser, type in the website address and then get on with the process. On the face of things operating an App is much easier and requires only few clicks on the phone.

The technicalities too suggest the same. How? Apps enable faster recharge and payments as they are designed specifically for the purpose. Apps are also developed in a way that they store your information and data locally on your device whereas browsers usually store customer information and data on web servers. In fact the browser on your smart phone is technically much slower than the App on your mobile. Apps enable personalized customer experience because at the onset itself the App asks the user about his preferences. Based on user engagement the App is also able to inform the user about customized updates and offer personalized recommendations. With GPRS facility on, the Apps are able to provide the user with contents that has more relevance and significance in the particular geographic location. E-merchants and online businesses that spend a good deal of money in developing Apps and permitting it for download, report higher conversion of clients with Apps as compared to their websites.

Next time you recharge your mobile, remember the benefits of using an App over a browser. However, while downloading an App be very sure of its source before proceeding ahead. Read in details about the developer and the company on the official website that is always mentioned alongside the App. You could also speak and take recommendations from your close knit circle of family and friends. If still in doubt, you can read through the reviews and blogs of technical experts from the industry – there are specific blogs and write-ups related to best Apps for recharge and online bill payments of the year – coming from people with expertise in the said field they are surely the best reference for understanding the top ones.

Also while downloading keep a check on the permissions that are being asked by the App. Some of the general permissions that are asked are related to your location or contacts on your mobile phone. Often they seek permission to access the camera or the system calendar on your smart phone. While most of them may seem harmless, there are two reasons to be extra careful while granting permissions – one, whether it involves extra charges, hidden or otherwise and second by granting permission are you unknowingly allowing your personal information susceptible to be misused?