Benefits and Purposes Save Photos in Instagram

Social media this one is used as a source to find photos, pictures or video. Although other sources in getting the file can still be found on other social networks. Especially social media Pinterest which in fact almost the same characteristics.

Benefits and goals we take photos and pictures from Instagram actually a lot, but back to ourselves each for the affair.

And the easy way is to use the browser method, whether it is the default browser from hp android, as well as your favorite browser like UC Browser and Opera Mini. And the steps you can take in this fourth way are;

  1. Open the Instragam app and search for photos or images you like or that you find interesting. Or you can open one account then look for posts that you will save.

For example, I opened an account @ Buy_Real_ Active_Instagram_Followers. Then I chose one of the photo bags that I will save as below.

  1. Then press the buttons of the parallel to the upper-right corner. And wait until the command appears as shown in the picture below.
  2. Then touch the words “Copy Share URL” and wait until the loading and copying process of the URL is complete. If the copying process is complete you will get notice at the bottom of hp android as below.
  3. After the above step is passed, then you open the browser you like. If in this tutorial, I use UC Browser.
  4. The next step is, point your finger to the top right column that says “Enter URL”. Press and hold until exit the notification like the photo below.
  5. Select “Paste and Go” and wait until the process of opening the image is complete.
  6. After the image from Instagram appears in UC Brower, the next step is, touch and hold it until a notice appears like the picture below.
  7. Press “View Image” and save it on your smartphone memory as well as your external memory.

Until this process, you have successfully saved Instagram pictures or photos on Android phone. To save photos or other images, you just repeat the steps from the beginning that has been described above.