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51-3093 00 Food Cooking Machine Operators And Tenders

Burger Shop is a restaurant simulation sport the place you serve clients hamburgers or cheeseburgers which exactly match their orders. Start off every order with a tray then construct the requested components from their thought bubble in the correct order ranging from the bottom up. After you have completed their order faucet on the tray to ship it, then pick up their funds.

  • Hit presents for an extra 10 seconds and keep away from hitting the scull or you lose 10 seconds.
  • Keep air transferring.When roasting, place your beef roast or entire hen on high of a roasting rack or a bed of vegetables to encourage air to flow into and cook the food properly, inside and out.
  • If you do not have a dishwasher, you will want to sanitise in a sink using a chemical sanitiser or very popular water.
  • The yin and yang principle may also be included