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Mexico Travel: Is It Protected To Travel And What Are Your Rights If You Have A Trip Booked?

This is hurting the vacationer business that employs millions of Portuguese Citizens. If anybody is listening please change this loopy rule. I utterly agree with testing, totally vaccinated requirements, however a basic ban on Canadians it’s uncalled for. Go to TAP Website it has totally different information. BTW, you could also Fly to Ponta Delgada, proof of negative covid test is the one requirement.

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Would I still need a unfavorable test end result for the flight and hotels? Canada was removed from the record of non essential travel by plane as per final replace on February 9th, nonetheless TAP web site continues to be confirming that travel from Canada to Portugal is allowed for non essential function. Please verify which website has correct information. Hi, I’m from canada and my country has been removed from the non-essential travel countries. I need to buy my plane ticket for my …