Content Ideas to Use Inside Your Sales Funnel

If you don’t understand what sales funnel is, it’s important to first acquire a basic understanding of it before we move on to a discussion about using content in sales funnel.

The idea of a sales funnel is that the total number of people who are interested in a business start to shrink after they move through the first transaction with the business.

At the top, there are many people who will be interested in your brand. In the middle of the funnel, there are fewer people who’ll consider buying your products or services and at the bottom of the funnel, there will be very few people who’ll be interested in your products or services.

The content that you use inside your sales funnel must focus on these different phases of a sales funnel. Here are a few content ideas that you can use inside your sales funnel to ensure that your leads convert!

1.    Educational Content

At the top of the sales funnel, your goal is to nudge the audience toward conversion. This is the discovery phase. You cannot nudge your visitors by talking about your own business. Instead, you must figure out what your audience is interested in and then provide them that. You must offer educational content to your audience during this phase. The content that you should use during the top stage of the sales funnel includes webinars, blog posts, videos and comprehensive guides.

2.    Genuine Solutions

The middle of the sales funnel can be called the consideration phase. During this phase, consumers will associate you with solutions that you offer. This is the stage where you must provide content that offers solutions to problems faced by consumers. The people may not trust you just yet, so your content cannot be sales-focused at this stage.

The content that you should provide to customers in the consideration phase includes demo videos, case studies, how-to videos or content and product descriptions.

3.    Unique Value Prepositions

The bottom of the funnel is where you must make the final pitch to turn your visitors into customers. This is the conversion phase. At this point, you know that people are interested in your offer; you just have to convince them that you’re worth it. This is where you should put on your sales hat. The content that you should use at this phase to make your potential customers pull the trigger includes reviews and testimonials of customers. In addition, you could also use content that highlights the unique value your products or services can offer to customers.

4.    Help and Support

Once you have acquired the customers, you must keep them. This is what we call the retention phase. During the retention phase, your goal is to ensure that customers keep buying from you and don’t forget about your business after just one transaction. The content that you can use to retain your customers includes special offers, discounted deals, help and customer support documentation and email follow-ups.

If you need more content ideas for your sales funnel or want an experienced agency to craft content for your sales funnel, contact Servme.