Anonymity on the web: why and who needs a proxy server?

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Personal blocking and bans will not be a significant problem if you understand what a proxy service is and how it works. The proxy will become an essential assistant for you if you need to hide your real IP-address data, redirecting the connection through another unique IP. This tool will not only help to hide the geolocation of your personal computer, but also save traffic and protect against various network attacks.

1. Features of work

Any computer has its own unique IP address, thanks to which the user can be identified. It is thanks to IP that information about the whereabouts of a person can be obtained. The proxy server also has its own unique IP, and it is through it that all requests will be carried out, bypassing your personal IP. A proxy server is a kind of intermediary between the PC and the sites you visit. A proxy server can work not only with a computer. It can be connected to a tablet or even a phone. You can configure this technology to work in absolutely all network connections or on individual sites. In order to do this, you need to learn how to use programs called proxifiers. By the way, we recommend purchasing individual proxies on the website with high speed, stable operation and round-the-clock technical support. You will receive IP addresses from reliable proxy providers around the world.

2. Benefits of using a proxy server

This tool is not in vain that it is popular, and we will now tell you why. First of all, we should already give credit to the proxy server for the fact that it is supported by most browsers, as well as by any operating system, which makes it quite easy to use. Thanks to it, you can clearly control traffic, pinpoint settings. While working on the Internet, other protocols are not used and this significantly increases the security of data exchange. Proxies can be used for EBAY, Amazon, Twitch, Frigate, and so on.

3. Why and who needs a proxy?

In addition to ordinary Internet users, this type of server will become faithful assistants to SMM-managers, programmers, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs who sell their goods and services online. Thanks to the proxy server, you can not worry about blocking your personal accounts, watch the broadcast of your favorite programs on foreign channels, read forbidden news and watch videos without registering online. In addition, you can promote and manage multiple accounts in social networks, as well as parse data.