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How Does Hosting Affect the Page Load Speed?

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The fast-moving 21st-century life is all about speed. Being instant and immediate is the need of the hourhttp://localhost/newsand it reflects in every aspecthttp://localhost/newsmore so in the online spacehttp://localhost/newswhere most people spend most of their active hours. Whether it’s browsing a site or making an online purchasehttp://localhost/newsor even watching a leisurely videohttp://localhost/newsthe audience today loses focus and interest when there is a delay even as little as three seconds or more. To retain the attention of this highly dynamic audiencehttp://localhost/newsit is important for site owners to ensure that their website speed is at its besthttp://localhost/newsat all times. 

Alsohttp://localhost/newsrecentlyhttp://localhost/newsGoogle conducted a study that discovered that the website loading speed is directly proportional to the conversion rate on the page. In other wordshttp://localhost/newsthe higher the loading speedhttp://localhost/newsthe better the conversion ratio. When your visitors experience slow loadinghttp://localhost/newsthey might bounce off the page and seek the same information somewhere elsehttp://localhost/newsand you will lose out …