Philosophy Of Technology (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)

After research, talking with buddies, and discussions in class, I feel as though I actually have dwelt on the that means of expertise enough to attract my ultimate conclusions. To be sure, a case may be made that, compared to the continuity current between natural philosophy and science, an analogous continuity exists between central questions in philosophy having to do with human motion and practical rationality and the way in which expertise approaches and systematizes the answer of practical issues. His account of the main points of creation is stuffed with pictures drawn from carpentry, weaving, ceramics, metallurgy, and agricultural expertise.

Much the same may very well be mentioned about Arendt, in particular her dialogue of technology in The human condition (1958), although her position in the canon of humanities philosophy of know-how will not be as distinguished. The risks of technology are one of many conventional moral issues in …

Wood can be Used as Material of Artistic Value by Making it Plaque


Wood found in many in the world because wood is a biological plant that grows and is widely used for certain interests. Formerly wood is only used as a material to make a house only, but now wood can be used as material of high artistic value of one by plaque. We may find it difficult to understand the notion of plaque, but the plaque is usually identical with the award plaque, the custom plaques the graduation plaque, the souvenir plaque and the other.

Although the price is economical and easy to get plaque from wood is now not only preferred by ordinary people, many companies are also ordering plaques with wood materials. In general, this type of plaque is used for the award plaque given by an agency either to another agency or to an individual. Usually in the form of a frame that contains certain writings.

But …